Homo Hating: Idaho Style

Monday mornings are the worst! We hate them more than we hate mysterious rashes and babies. To prove how much we hate them, we’re going to follow Idaho resident Jim “No Irony Here” Valentine’s (pictured in an artist’s rendition) example and put up a sign declaring Monday’s and their dreadful mornings are no longer welcome in our lives.

That’s what Valentine has done with his disdain for homos and pedophiles, two groups of people the charming man lumps together like so much hay (or potatoes…). In an effort to protect his state from an influx of queers, he’s erected a sign reading: “Peds queers fags your (sic) in Idaho now…” Another sign says, “Don’t fruit with Idaho kill yo-yo boy” – “yo-yo boy,” of course being his loving nickname for a convicted murderer and child-rapist.

Valentine, who drives a car with a Confederate flag an a horn that plays “Dixie,” has taken it upon himself to protect his state from the wiley, sickeningly depraved homos hell bent on taking over his waves of grain, dirt roads, and whatever else they have in Idaho.

Anyway, we think it’s just a swell idea! So, we’ve just put up a sign of our own: “Monday Mornings, Go To Idaho. And, also, suck it.”

(PS: Mr. Valentine, we don’t think “fruit” can be used as a verb… What’s that? You’re trying to make a play on “fuck”? Oh! Damn, you’re one clever bigot!)