homo for the holidays

Cuddle-worthy movies to transform the holiday season into a gay ‘ol time

With the holiday season upon us, the time has come again for gatherings of family and friends, epic feasts, gift exchanges, and the occasional wince-inducing sing-along. But all that season join can be taxing. So why not cuddle up with a loved one and watch how other people deal with the season.

Holiday movies have also become essential to the end of year celebration, and contrary to popular belief, a number of classics have LGBTQ themes. Beyond that, new entries in the genre have, at long last, added some loveable queer characters making the yuletide gay.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

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Meet Me in St. Louis

Not a Christmas movie per se, the Christmas segment of the season-themed Meet Me in St. Louis manages to upstage all the others, thanks to the misty-eyed ballad “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The song became an immediate classic upon debuting in 1944, and Meet Me in St. Louis remains a holiday viewing favorite. It helps, of course, to have gay icon Judy Garland in the lead, and delivering one of her best performances. Queer director (and father of Liza) Vincente Minnelli spearheaded the production, which teems with Hollywood Golden Age charm and lushness. A film starring an icon and helmed by a queer director has an automatic place in gay history. That Meet Me in St. Louis is one of the great musical movies that makes it essential holiday viewing too.

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