Homo Love “Healthy” Say Gay Researchers

Someone alert the anti-gay activists! San Francisco-based Rockway Institute research claims that same-sex relationships are healthier than their hetero counterparts:

A series of research studies has revealed that those in same-sex relationships have an increased likelihood of better family and marital relations then those in a heterosexual relationship.

Executive Director of the Rockway Institute Robert-Jay Green said that flexibility of gender roles and the equal division of parenting and household tasks results in more same-sex couples having healthier relationships than heterosexuals.

Green claims there’s “greater equality” because gays and lesbians have an easier time overcoming traditional gender roles. We’re suspicious, because we know all sorts of homos who play hausfrau for their working men.

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  • Dawster

    whereas i agree with the statement, i cannot help but feel this is like some research study claiming that vodka is the best alcohol of all known alcohols, showing how it’s better for people on a diet, showing how it helps with disease, etc. it’s all okay, but if the study is sponsored by Grey Goose… well… that’s a little one sided, no?

    that is what this “study” feels like.

  • hells kitchen guy

    My mother always said she liked my lover much more than her daughter-in-law.

  • virga

    i want that shirt!

  • dizzyspin

    I looked up the Rockway Institute, and they claim to ise “scientific research and professional expertise to counter antigay prejudice.” So, yeah, they don’t exactly sound objective. Plus, I think its a little obnoxious of us to say gay relationships are BETTER than straight ones (heh, even if its true).

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