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The homoerotic television event of the summer is on… The History Channel?

Screenshot: ‘Colosseum,’ HISTORY

Here at Queerty, we’ve made a habit of updating you on all the latest and gayest that television has to offer—not to mention our handy guides to the small-screen’s frequent full-frontal features—and there are certain channels we know are good for some hot and heavy queer content: HBO, Showtime, what have you.

But we have to admit, there’s one network that hasn’t been on our radar at all, and it’s one that’s frequently offered up some of the most homoerotic programs to hit the airwaves: The History Channel! We’re so sorry for not bringing it to your attention sooner.

The long-running cable channel (now referred to simply as HISTORY) has received some criticism in recent years for pivoting away from actual history and focusing more on reality programming about pawn shop workers and big rig racers. However, they still offer up a wide range of documentaries and deep-dive investigations into the past, some of which we’re pleased to report look very, very gay.

For example: Just this week, we came across a preview for an upcoming limited docuseries called Colosseum, an eight-part look at gladiators, “the heavyweight champions of the Roman empire.” See for yourself:

Okay then, HISTORY, you have our attention. Suddenly, Colosseum has shot to the top of our watch lists!

As the teaser shows, yes, there’s plenty of your requisite “talking heads” from historians and experts, but—importantly—there’s also reenactments of gladiatorial battles featuring plenty of buff, largely naked men getting up close and personal in fights to the death that, nevertheless, have us feeling things. If we’re being honest.

HISTORY appears to have spared no expense for these reenactments, bringing together period-accurate costume and set design, a cast of strapping young actors (what are their @’s?), special effects, and even—apparently—ringing every last drop out of a rain machine because, man, these gladiators are soaked!

Screenshots: ‘Colosseum,’ HISTORY

With so much ancient Roman eye candy, you could fool us into thinking these were deleted scenes from Starz’s notoriously sexual Spartacus series. And while we can’t imagine this largely educational affair will go “whole hog” with the male nudity, Colosseum still promises to be one of the gayest things you’ll see on television all year.

Remember when you were younger, sneaking peeks at Cinemax late at night with remote in hand, quickly changing the channel the minute you thought your parents were approaching? Now we can’t stop laughing about the thought of baby gays doing that with The History Channel!

At any rate, the first of Colosseum‘s eight-part run debuts on HISTORY on July 17 at 9pm ET/PT. You can watch another sexy (sorry, it’s true!) teaser below: