Wanna wrestle?

Is this the most homoerotic wrestling video of all time?

So you can’t accuse of us of burying the lead, let’s get this out of the way right now:

Just a coupla guys wrestling back in 2014. No big…

Except this mesmerizing match has just became a retroactive viral sensation because of its hyper-charged homoeroticism.

As Gay Star News tells it, the guy on top is Daniel Cormier and his little buddy on the bottom is Tommy Rowlands.

The sportscasters have a field day when Cormier starts spanking his opponent:

“Did you see that? Cormier smacked him on the butt a couple times after that takedown just to say, I guess, ‘It’s over, boy — I got you.”

Is he saying it’s over? Or it’s only just begun?

“Look at this…unbelievable…! What is that? Tommy Rowlands looks back at him like, ‘What are you doin’, guy? Unreal!”

This is the kind of day it’s turning out to be.

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  • jhon_siders

    LOL nothing new in HS we slapped but after a pin :)

  • MacAdvisor

    One buries the “lede,” not the “lead.” Nice try, though.

    • Jack Meoff

      Actually both are considered acceptable these days

  • Kieran

    The most homoerotic one would have him pull down his shorts and then spank him.

  • Wild_Puss

    I’d be smacking that, too.

  • am_psi

    Nothing about this was homoerotic. The guy who got slapped looked like he wanted to punch the other guy in the face and I don’t blame him.

  • Roan

    What was homoerotic about it? It was two professional athletes engaged in their sport. No homoeroticism at all.

  • AtlasRich

    Giving him a “pat on the back”? That’s not his back. Honestly I’d love to touch Tommy Rowland’s butt if I had the opportunity.

  • Xzamilloh

    It’s only homoerotic to people watching… if you’ve wrestled or played contact football, there’s nothing sexy or a turn about because your testosterone’s pumping and you’re trying to win. Not cop a feel, or get a date, but kick the other guy’s ass… and if you’re getting turned on, well, you came to play a different game

  • Alan down in Florida

    A ginger in hot pink panties with matching baby doll socks. Nothing hetero-normative there.

  • BigWill

    “Is this the most homoerotic wrestling video of all time?”


  • Kangol

    Not the most homoerotic wrestling video by a long shot.

    But Daniel Cormier? WOOF!

  • Captain Obvious

    Better than most porn. And this article really proves the trolls around here just love being contrarian. This was entirely homoerotic intentional or not. As Alan said the matching baby doll socks and panties on top of the big booty spanking was just too over the top. You can’t make this stuff up. Ass smacking in general was clearly started by someone gay and the sheep who don’t want to be left out of the cool kids club joined in. No different than the guy who coaches everyone to paddle new pledges or pass smoke mouth to mouth with other guys.

    Get real with this “it’s not gay!” stuff, I’d expect that from closeted guys.

  • balehead

    The truth doesn’t mean you are trolling….Typical “pysch-out” of the other wrestler to break his concentration…..More Hetero-erotic than Homo…..

    • Captain Obvious

      Except that isn’t the truth. The truth is two men were engaging in a homosexual act. As in same sex act not opposite sex act so nice try but you’re using hetero incorrectly. Slapping his ass like that is erotic no matter how much you guys speak to the contrary about it. If a man was doing that to a woman people would have the same reaction that it was erotic.

      That wasn’t a single pat on the butt so you’re not even close to telling the truth. It was a thought out spanking that almost seemed staged in how they both reacted. The guy in pink didn’t even make a move or try to stop it. It’s all right there playing in front of your face on video. Why pretend this is something straight guys do? It’s not. Maybe you don’t know any?

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