Wanna wrestle?

Is this the most homoerotic wrestling video of all time?

So you can’t accuse of us of burying the lead, let’s get this out of the way right now:

Just a coupla guys wrestling back in 2014. No big…

Except this mesmerizing match has just became a retroactive viral sensation because of its hyper-charged homoeroticism.

As Gay Star News tells it, the guy on top is Daniel Cormier and his little buddy on the bottom is Tommy Rowlands.

The sportscasters have a field day when Cormier starts spanking his opponent:

“Did you see that? Cormier smacked him on the butt a couple times after that takedown just to say, I guess, ‘It’s over, boy — I got you.”

Is he saying it’s over? Or it’s only just begun?

“Look at this…unbelievable…! What is that? Tommy Rowlands looks back at him like, ‘What are you doin’, guy? Unreal!”

This is the kind of day it’s turning out to be.