Homographic: Who’s the Bigger Queen … RuPaul or Tyra?

One’s a woman with the ferocity of a man, the other a man with the ferocity of a woman– blink and you won’t be able to tell which is which! With RuPaul‘s Drag Race putting the world-famous drag queen at the center of the judges table and Tyra looking less human by the minute, the two ladies have converged into some sort of horrific drag queen meta-brain. Look on ye drag queens and despair! But can you tell them apart?


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  • Sebbe

    I’m not sure who is a bigger queen? But, Ru is definitely a better queen!

    Tyra is turning into the new Michael Jackson. Scary.

  • atdleft

    Sorry, Tyra. I love you, honey, but I have to agree with Seebe. Ru’s the epitome of “fabulous”! “Drag Race” almost makes “Top Model” look as dull as something on “Spike TV”… Or the Sci-fi channel. ;-)

  • Sebbe

    @ATDLEFT – I just checked out your site and wrote to Billary. I also canceled my recurring donation to the Clinton foundation until this matter is resolved and encouraged my address book to do the same. I’m really pissed off thinking about all the money I have given the two of them over the years for them to spit in my face like this. I’m trying to hold off on judgment until this thing is finalized, but its not looking good.

  • atdleft

    @Sebbe: Thanks. Honestly, it still causes some raw, painful emotions to come out of me. On one hand, President Clinton did help progress civil rights at the federal level. But OTOH, he also allowed horrid roadblocks like DADT & DOMA to take hold. Hillary really inspired me when she ran for President, but I just don’t know how she can handle her husband with his cheatin’ heart.

    I only hope our Secretary of State enacts some “tough diplomacy” on her husband once he returns from bitchslapping her LGBT & labor supporters.

  • mb00

    oh shit, haha, I seriously thought both photos were of RuPaul.
    So I guess I’d havce to say that Tyra is the biggest drag queen.

  • Sebbe

    @atdleft – I also wanted Hil to run for office for years before the election started. I was very satisfied with our ultimate nominee though and was able to do some volunteer work for his campaign. I agree with your mixed emotions involving the Clintons. Unfortunately though, I’m not sure of how much influence Hilz has over Bilz.

  • rick

    tyra. it was the deal with the vasaline.

  • Gurlene

    Ms. Tyra. Ms. Tyra. Ms. Tyra. LOL. Ms. Tyra.

    I thought it bad enough when you show up late at the christmas party of 2007 for your employees and brought in santa claus to serve them McD’s. The same staff that uprooted themselves from LA to NYC just for you. Ms. Girl. Ms. Girl.

    And don’t get me started on those towel or sheet covers on the seats for your studio audience to sit on.

    No honey, you do not belong in the same photo nor on the first page on anyones blogg with “our” queen.

    Ms. Rupaul by a mile.

  • dgz

    Jay Manuel is bigger than both… he knows we can *see* him, right?

    imho, tyra is a friend to the gays, but her gays need to be better friends to her and stop ennabling her to become a caricature of herself. and Joel McHale mocking her on The Soup? HI-larious.

    p.s. her boobs ain’t fake. but her nose is.

  • tavdy79

    @mb00: emphasis on “drag” – as in “through a hedge backwards”.

  • outskirt.hostess

    I’d f*ck RuPaul and ‘m a lesbian.

  • Aamyko

    I’m sorry but not only is RuPaul the fiercest bitch in town she is also the funniest cos she doesn’t take herself seriously at all whereas Tyra actually BELIEVES all the shit she says like “smiling with your eyes” shit.
    I love when Rupaul says” “Sashay………..Away”

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