Homographic: The Gay Stimulus Package

With President Obama announcing that the current fiscal stimulus package is just the beginning of what’s needed to restart the economy, it occurred to us that we, the gays, are in the perfect position to save America, what with our famously disposable income and all. Of course, you could just let us get married and allow us to spend our hard-earned cash on extravagant receptions, but since that’s only an option in two states, we’ve come up with a controversy-free stimulus package that will get the gays spending again.


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  • Jason

    A bit droll and insipid – can we give our people something besides late night rides to and from the bar? Where’s the literature, the movies, the education?

  • Sebbe

    Perfect!! F*ck the serious stuff, the world is ending and nobody throws a going away party like us gays. Homestead act is great, LMFAO. Plus they could do a tie in with the assholes at Sears and make it a reality show competition.

  • Scott

    “Pisses of Republicans?” Is that like “tastes of Republicans,” but with piss?

  • Japhy Grant

    @Scott: Wah, Wah. It’s “off”. Damn Photoshop typos.

  • atdleft

    I don’t know. I really think we need to couple this appropriations bill with a “Federal Marriage Amendment” to legalize marriage equality nationwide, then include tax breaks for all queer couples looking to wed. I mean, when have thode darned Goopers met a tax cut they didn’t like? Oh yes, and why aren’t we fully funding the Madonna Tour fund? We must make sure all 50 states get their share of Madge! :-D

  • petted

    @Japhy Grant: Sorry we can’t give you a pony this year ;)

  • prizzle

    even if you don’t find it attractive, going out to the clubs…like i’m more inclined to feel these days…NYC definitely needs ’em….but I don’t know about a specific zone. The best are usually the ones around dark corners and in huge undefinable spaces? No?

  • Scott

    @Japhy Grant: I love you AND your Photoshop typos.

  • Sebbe

    @Scott – It was totally on purpose, he’s just backing off now!!! LOL

  • bangas

    lets create an entire new civilization for gay people!
    I wonder what would happen…

    hmmm… just look what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah

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