Homophobe Mayor Janice Daniels Given The Boot From Troy, Michigan

Janice Daniels – who as mayor of Troy, Michigan landed herself in several pots of hot water over controversial statements she made about the gays – has been recalled by voters.

Daniels started fanning the flames even before her mayoral run by posting on her Facebook: “I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there.” She then continued to endear herself to the LGBT community when she compared homosexuality to smoking cigarettes.

Though with only a year under her belt, Daniels wasted no time in pissing everyone else off as well.  According to The Detroit News:

She raised the ire of others by voting against a federally funded transit center and describing the city charter as “whimsical.”

Through it all, Daniels had maintained the transit center plan was a “waste” of federal tax money and argued that some people bend the city charter language to suit their own purposes.

Two weeks ago, she generated more controversy by arguing with a former councilwoman about the wording of a proclamation while giving her an award for volunteer work.

“We’re very happy that Troy can now finally move forward and the embarrassment of Janice Daniels’ short term as mayor is finally over,” Matt Binkowski, spokesman behind the recall effort, told The Daily Tribune. “Unfortunately, a lot of feelings have been hurt on both sides. I think this is the best thing for Troy.”

After fed-up citizens gathered nearly 10,000 signatures, Daniels was defeated 52.2% to 47.8%. Troy’s mayor pro tem, Maureen McGinnis, would become acting mayor immediately, should the recall succeed, with the City Council electing a new mayor pro tem for the following year. By December 11, the council will be required to appoint a new mayor to serve until the next regularly scheduled election in November 2013.