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Homophobe Robbie Tucker forced to close used car business after attacking two female soldiers

72-year-old Judy Tucker and her son, Robbie, became Internet Public Enemies #1 and #2 last week after video emerged of them attacking two female soldiers, one of whom was pregnant, inside a family restaurant in Macon, Georgia, calling them “gay black bitches” and other slurs.

After the video went viral, Judy was banned from the restaurant, fired from her job at Mercer University, where she taught art, and was forced to close her fine art restoration business.

Now, it looks like little Robbie has been forced to close his small business, as well.

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According to his LinkedIn profile, Robbie Tucker is, er, was? the proud owner of Corvette Classics, a used Corvette dealership in Macon, Georgia, not far from the restaurant where he and his mother lodged the assault.

Well, as of Monday morning, the Google listing for Corvette Classics shows the business as permanently closed:

And if you try calling the phone number, you get a message saying it has been disconnected.

This comes just days after the page was hijacked with images of Robbie and his mother screaming at the servicewomen and an onslaught of negative reviews:

The unofficial Facebook business page for Corvette Classics was also inundated with over 500 scathing 1-star reviews:

The moral of the story? First, don’t be a racist, homophobic, bigoted a-hole. And, while you’re at it, don’t attack pregnant soldiers who have put their lives on the line for your freedom.

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