Homophobes Hack Into Utah Traffic Sign With Message Of Hate

On Wednesday, a prankster hacked into a traffic indicator in Provo, Utah, and programmed it to read “God Hates Gays.”

The Utah Department of Transport ordered the construction company operating the message board, located on University Avenue at East Bay, to remove the slur.

“Sometime after 10 p.m. someone got into the message board—the boards can’t be accessed remotely and are locked on the outside,” said Department of Transportation spokeswoman Leigh Dethman, admitting the board was accidentally unsecured. “We take this very seriously. Obviously this is a very offensive message.” Mayor John Curtis says the culprit “doesn’t represent the minds and hearts of the residents of Provo.”

The department is investigating the incident, but since there are no security cameras filming the area finding the perpetrator will prove difficult.