Catholic Leader Thinks Condoms Carry HIV

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

The Catholic Church does not negotiate on two things: the gays and condoms. Their “holinesses” contest the queers because, well, they think God told them we’re abominations or something. As for the condoms, they think all sex should be procreative and, thus, condoms should be prohibited.

Mozambican Archbishop Francisco Chimoio, however, has a different reason for preaching against prophylactics:

Condoms are not sure because I know that there are two countries in Europe, they are making condoms with the virus on purpose.

They want to finish with the African people. This is the program. They want to colonize until up to now. If we are not careful we will finish in one century’s time.

So, just to get this straight: Europeans are putting HIV on condoms to colonize Africa. We thought that’s why they had people like Chimoio.

[Editor’s Note: We’ve been searching for an image to accompany this continuing chronicle of anti-queer tirades. A reader sent in this can of “duh,” which we find kind of funny. What do you guys think? Too obvious?]