Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Canadian homophobe and Edmonton mayoral candidate Bill Whatcott considers his anti-gay activism to be on par with Martin Luther King Jr. The former hooker tells Vue Weekly:

Mayoral platforms have already dealt with these issues, such as hate crimes legislation, which protects homosexuals. It’s not like we’re talking about chopping off homosexual heads–we’re just activists.

Many parents are not comfortable with their children being indoctrinated into homosexuality. Parents are losing the right to raise their children.

Other people who ushered in social change, Martin Luther King Jr, had to respond to critics who called them radical…

First, you’re not ushing in social change. You’re a fear-mongering, archaic cave man. Second, no one’s calling you radical. They’re calling you a “stupid cunt”. Third, MLK’s rolling in his grave.