Donnie McClurkin's A Mad Man!

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

We’d like to give you more of an idea about Barack Obama‘s new preacher pal, ex-gay preacher Donnie McClurkin. Here’s an excerpt from a piece he wrote for Charisma Mag:

I was not born with these sexual tendencies. It wasn’t chromosomal and had nothing to do with my DNA. These tendencies surfaced because a broken man thrust an 8-year-old boy into this whirlwind.

It’s the same with the Word of God. When the seed is planted into a person’s heart, if used correctly it will stop the natural cycle of sin. The Word will multiply and grow and bring forth fruit, and the fruit will remain. [Ed. note: Ha!]

…There are countless numbers of people who are not happy in this lifestyle and want to be freed from it. They were thrust into homosexuality by neglect, abuse and molestation, and want desperately to live normal lives and one day have a happy home and family.

For them, I write this without apology, knowing that I’ve been through this and have experienced God’s power to change my lifestyle. I believed that I was meant to be a whole man, made for one woman, and God brought it all about. I am delivered, and I know God can deliver others too.

Barack Obama truly is the hopeful candidate.