"Tolerance" Just Another Word For "Everything To Lose"

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

We may have found tolerance-hating Bill O’Reilly a friend: Wisconsin native Chris King, who writes in Tomah Journal:

I recently attended my first Tomah School Board meeting. My primary concern for attending this meeting was for an item on the agenda regarding the coordination of student involvement and attendance in a “cultural diversity” workshop. It is well known among most conservative Christians that the words “diversity” and “tolerance” have become buzz words that the homosexual community uses to perpetuate their chosen lifestyles.

Gosh, we thought “diversity” and “tolerance” were keys to living in a more inclusive, ultimately friendly nation. Sorry, folks! From here on in, we’re totally against tolerance. In fact, we think the government should step in, redivide the states and give every social group their own region. That’s way better than – gasp – trying to live together!