Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

It’s been a while since we heard from R. Albert Mohler Jr., the Southern Baptist Theology Seminary president who advocated anti-gay genetic cleansing. Mohler previously appeared in this semi-regular column when he took aim at gay Anglican Gene Robinson.

Now Mohler’s lamenting society’s “sliding” morality. Citing a Boston Globe Magazine piece on the rise of gay teens, as well as new data on pink political potentcy, Mohler implores his peers to arm themselves against America’s not-so-slow descent into hell:

The moral landscape of the culture usually shifts slowly, with barely perceptible changes that accumulate over a long period of years. This is not the case in our own times, for the pace of moral change now defies the imagination.

Evangelical Christians must meet this challenge with both biblical truth and a keen eye on the cultural shifts around us. Our current challenge is not only to tell the truth about homosexuality, but to recover any notion of a moral norm when it comes to sexuality. That will take more intellectual energy than the evangelical movement has yet devoted to this task.

We’d deride the Evangelical intellectual, but we know all too well how smart those slime balls can be. We’ll rest easy, however, knowing that they can’t agree on a presidential candidate. We hope Mohler’s not a sore loser.