We Gays Offer The World Nothing, Nada, Zilch

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Salem, Massachusetts resident Harry Neuwirth sees no worth in gay marriage:

Civilization depends — the human race depends — exclusively upon heterosexual relationships. Homo sapiens are never more than one generation away from extinction, but fortunately, the libido that inflames us all will keep the Earth overflowing for the foreseeable future.

Though sex, unfortunately, is becoming a toy in America, it still has the central role in the dynamic of civilization: Without it there would be no us!

So to pretend that gay relationships are normal; that we should embrace gay marriage in America; that such marriages contribute to society as is being preached in some venues is foolhardy.

The gay lifestyle is not normal. It is aberrant, contributing nothing to the maintenance of the human race; to be tolerated, not encouraged!

Civilized tolerance, not misguided encouragement.

We’ve never understood this argument. It’s not as if homosexuality’s contagious. Just because two men want to get married doesn’t mean that straight people will suddenly stop spawning new generations. And, besides, how many abandoned children would be family-less without gay couples?