Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Self-proclaimed American Prophet Michael Bresciani certainly has loads to say about Lewd Larry Craig. And it’s all rubbish:

All the hype about Larry Craig’s demise leaves something out. Conspicuously missing is the attention that should have been paid to the appalling habits, the seedy haunts and inconvenient places gays have chosen to further their sleazy activities. But lets not forget that just as the undercover cop who nabbed Larry Craig, may have never expected to nab a U.S. Senator; neither did the gays who frequent the stalls at the airport bathroom. Their preferred targets, victims, would be younger men perhaps even underage. Just like your sons.

It’s like he’s reading the queer collective mind! “Find, rape young men.” That’s all we stupid, sex-hungry, vampiric gays can think about, right? Well, that and how to spread AIDS, of course.