Homophobes Won’t be the Only ones Protesting on Harvey Milk Day: Gays Plan Picket of HRC Store

What better way to observe Harvey Milk Day than by stirring up some shit?

The leftmost of lefty San Francisco queers are planning a protest of the Castro’s new HRC store, located conveniently in Harvey Milk’s former camera shop. Some gays don’t care for the HRC, dontcha know.

What’s their beef? Not enough “grassroots engagement with town halls and open board meetings,” not enough focus on “economic empowerment.”

Also, they’re annoyed about San Francisco’s new law that makes it illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk during the day, an attempt to incentivize homeless people to get off the streets and into services. What does that have to do with the HRC? There will surely be many people asking just that question at 1pm when they march to the camera shop.

Meanwhile, the Trevor Project is slated to open a call center at the back of the HRC store at around the same time. What a busy day.