Homophobia Diminishes Religious Ranks

Sarah Palin last night said that while she doesn’t judge the gays, she’s certain homosexuality’s a choice.

That’s a common right-wing argument, particularly among the pious set – people who believe religion should be central to one’s identity. Those same people, we’re assuming, want their religion to stand the test of time.

Unfortunately for Palin and her ilk, such hard lines often steer queers away from houses of worship.

That’s certainly true in New Zealand, where LGBT folk are twice as likely to turn away from religion, according to sociologist Dr Mark Henrickson.

Commenting on the declining numbers of Christians in New Zealand, Dr Henrickson said, “Proportionately, almost 2.4 times as many lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians have left Christianity as have the general population.

“If Christian religious traditions want to keep lesbians, gays and bisexuals out of their communities, then what they are doing is working. If through negative messages they want lesbian, gays, and bisexuals to change their identities or ‘lifestyles’, that is not happening, because most appear more likely to abandon their religious traditions than their identities,” he said.

Survival of the fittest, baby!