Not welcome

Homophobic activist denied entry to the US. She’s pissed.

Caroline Farrow

US customs officials have denied noted British homophobe Caroline Farrow entry to the United States, and she’s not happy.

Farrow who works as a columnist for Life Site News, a Catholic website, recently rose to fame as a cyberbully after attacking a transgender lawyer on Twitter. Farrow’s words became so abusive, a UK judge barred her from ever having contact with her victim again.

Following a Pride Parade at Disneyland Paris this summer, Farrow tried to organize a campaign to pressure Disney to cease “homosexual indoctrination.” She called the parade “a deceptive move to push the LGBT political agenda and expose children and families to lewd behaviour.” She also planned to deliver a petition to Disney officials in Orlando, Florida to pressure the company to stop interacting with LGBTQ people.

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Lucky for us (and the US), Farrow tried to enter the USA only to realize she’d had her Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) revoked. PinkNews reports that the reasons for the revocation remain unclear, though that hasn’t stopped Farrow from blaming her favorite target: the gays.

“How vindictive do you have to be to go to the lengths that you would ring the US embassy and attempt to have me denied entry to the country for tweeting the truth about male and female,” Farrow tweeted. She went on to claim “two people file a police complaint last week, tip off the embassy or Homeland security and my ESTA is revoked. The vindictive obsessive mentality is quite something to behold.”

Here’s hoping you bought travel insurance, Caroline.