Homophobic And Racist Shooting Suspect Once Arrested For Having Sex With Black Transgender Prostitute

Glenn_MillerFrazier Glenn Miller has a long history of hatred against Jews, blacks and gays, which culminated in his being charged with killing three people outside Jewish centers in Kansas City earlier this month. But apparently some of that hatred stopped when it came to the back seat of a car. That’s where Miller was once arrested by police for engaging in sex with a black transgender prostitute.

According to an investigation by ABC, Miller was arrested in 1986 in Raleigh, N.C., when police officers caught him in flagrante with a black male prostitute dressed as a woman. “It was pretty shocking because of his personal stances that he had taken and what he was now accused of engaging in,” said J. Douglas McCullough, a federal prosecutor at the time. 

McCullough read the police report but wouldn’t describe it to ABC. “I would rather not go into the details,” he said. “They’re rather salacious.” (As if people’s imagination’s aren’t even more so.)

Miller was never charged with a crime, though he did spend time in jail after being arrested the following on arms charges. He did admit the episode to the Southern Poverty Law Center in a recorded call last year. However, Miller offered a perfectly reasonable explanation for picking up a transgender sex worker: he was intending to beat her up. He offered no explanation of how that led to what happened in the back seat.