Homophobic Boxer Tyson Fury Kindly Invites Critics To Perform Sex Act On Him


Tyson Fury, the adorable heavyweight boxing champion who came under fire last week after comparing homosexuality to pedophilia and saying it will lead to the apocalypse, has a message for all of you haters out there: “Suck my balls!”

In an interview with iFL TV, 27-year-old Fury did not hold back when asked about people who took offense to his extreme antigay attitude.

“They can suck my balls,” he said. “How about that for a bit of heavyweight-champion talking?”

Call us crazy, but telling a bunch of guys to suck your balls sounds a little, well, gay to us.

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As a result of Fury’s comments from last week, nearly 85,000 people have signed a Change.org petition calling for the BBC to remove him from its short list of Sports Personality of the Year 2015.

When asked about the people who signed that petition, Fury said they were all just a bunch of “wankers.”

“That’s what I say about them,” he grumbled. “People should look up to me, young kids. I am a good role model. I show how men should really be. Real men.”

Evidently, being a “real man” involves childish name-calling and asking other dudes for sexual favors. At least, according to Fury.

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Watch the charming interview below. Or don’t.

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  • KJ DiMarco

    He’s such a moron! Lol might need to lay off the steroids? You’re stupid comments aren’t as threatening when you sound like you’re 13 and going through puberty again lol

  • Rogelio Lopez

    Suck he’s balls? Not if he’s balls were the last on earth.

  • BigG

    More religious trash. What else is new?

  • Captain Obvious

    He’s 27? That picture makes him look 47. Eesh.

  • Sand Nierenberg

    I rather turn straight he’s a smelly fat pig

  • Maxie Grant

    I’m sorry sweetie I have standards.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    A true athlete, and a true man, would not behave like this.

    Maybe secretly he’s wishing someone who take him up on his offer and “suck” his nasty balls.

    He’s a man child.

  • AndYouWillDeal

    He has a right to his homophobic opinion.
    What I find fascinating is that Queerty is constantly bashing people for disagreeing with the LGBT lifestyle, and yet they advocate that we should import as many refugees as possible from a religion and from a culture that wants us all death.

  • Sam D. Maloney

    Sounds more like a closet case all the time, doesn’t he?

  • Hussain-TheCanadian


    What is the LGBT “life style” exactly?

    And how is it different from the “Straight life style”?

  • Kieran

    He’ll probably come out when he’s ready to retire.

  • trell


    And you reckon Kim Davies, the Westboro Baptist church, and all those idiots who find themselves the source of overwhelming public disapproval not for having those homophobic opinions, but for actually speaking out about them unapologetically, are OK?

    And as for this religion & culture that wants us all put to death? What one is that? Just cos a small but vocal Syrian Terrorist group is disrupting the lives of millions (which include the Syrian population), are you telling me that the refugees do not deserve our aid?

    Tyson Fury is scum. It’s not just his homophobic rants, but also his mysogynistic comments that are setting back social development by about 40 years. His comments that his wife’s job is cooking, cleaning, kids, and her only choice is what to cook him for tea, his stating that he is happy to have women in boxing, because he likes it when they come in the ring and hold cards up midway through the rounds, and him saying that fellow SPOTY nominee Jessica Ennis-Hill ‘scrubs up OK’, ….

    ….all of these comments are the sort of thing you might have heard from some ignorant twat in a pub in the 70’s, and that might have got a ‘hear hear’ or a hearty slap on the back from his mates, but nowadays, those sort of comments are puerile at the very best, and downright insulting at their very worst.

    This guy does not have a personality worthy to be included as a runner for the SPOTY.

  • heath0043

    @AndYouWillDeal: And what about the Christian people that are killing and the ones that advocate killing, especially killing gay people?

  • Brian

    Fury is a bit of a character. Gay-identifying men can be so humor-phobic at times. Treat him with a sense of humor rather than arcing up all the time. Gay-identifying men need to stop being the permanently outraged class.

  • scotty

    My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right, it’s my belief that my big balls should be held every night but fuck him anyway

  • Sweetie Pie

    I have a pitbull who would be delighted to suck his balls….

  • Stache

    Wow. You’d have to have zero self esteem along with being a complete dumbshit to be his wife after the horrible things he just said about her. “She does as I say and her job is to look after me.” Wow.

  • AndYouWillDeal

    @Hussain-TheCanadian: Anonymous sex in a dirty motel, Sex on crystal meth at a bath house, “No loads refused”. That sounds about right…actually, that sounds like the start.

  • AndYouWillDeal

    @trell: Yes, they have the right to believe whatever they want and say whatever they want. Which is very different than what Muslim extremists do throwing gays off the top of a building, hanging them or gluing their anus shut and giving them laxatives to induce a slow, painful death by blood poisoning. If you cannot see the difference, sorry, I can’t help you, I’m not a special ed teacher.

  • AndYouWillDeal

    @heath0043: Are they killing gays though? Like, do gays actually live in fear in this country that the Christians will go and kill them?

  • silveroracle

    I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot barge pole.

  • odowd4sure

    Sounds like a gaggle of school girls in here, why not just be an adult about it rather than condone violence against someone who has a different opinion than yourselves? Sure puts you in the very same category of less than just like this gentleman. His comments are probably just a respoused to reading your usual diatribe Be men for once!

  • odowd4sure

    @AndYouWillDeal: I totally agree with your comments, what is wrong with these people in here who get so upset when someone doesn’t agree with their obviously skewed sense of reality?

  • Joe

    Suck his balls? I don’t think so! Not even with Ted Cruz’s mouth.

  • NoCagada

    Capers for cajones

    He looks like he’s out of some sleazy leather bar

  • Kangol

    @AndYouWillDeal: There is no such thing as a “LGBT lifestyle.” Your comments are hom0phobic.

    There also is no such thing as a unified Muslim “culture.” Your comments are Islamophobic.

    Quite a few Christians, especially evangelical ones, running around this country and many others want you dead too. They are helping to push extreme laws that have led to the murders of LGBTIQ people all over the globe. Do you not realize this? Did you not see the Orthodox Jewish fanatic who attacked gay people at the LGBTIQ celebration in Israel?

  • Cagnazzo82

    Yuck. [Quickly googles pictures of puppies to purge such nauseating imagery from thought]

    This man looks like a disgusting troglodyte. He can keep his ‘balls’ and his half-witted commentary to himself.

    Not in 1,000,000 years.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian


    But how many gay men and woman actually engage in what you described above?

    Also Gay woman make up half of our community, do they engage in this behavior too?

    Forgive my sensitivity but I have a hard time believing that plausibly 50% or more of gay men (in North America) engage in this quite obvious risky sexual adventures.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    @Kangol: (Hussain gives Kangol a hug)!!!

  • AndYouWillDeal

    @Kangol: Sorry sweetie, you can’t shame me by telling me something is homophobic or Islamophobic, when it’s 100% truth.
    Studies show that 30% of the LGBT population abuses substances when compared to 9% of the general population. And that is higher among gay men (7 times higher than general population, in fact).
    Also, studies show 57% of gay men practice unprotected, casual sex.
    So yeah, it’s an LGBT problem.

    And about Muslims, the general consensus, even among moderate Muslims, is that being gay is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. In several countries in the Middle East (including Syria) gays are tortured, murdered, raped, etc. SANCTIONED BY THE GOVERNMENT!

  • Hussain-TheCanadian


    Where did you get this estimate from?

    I’m looking at the World Health Organization report (that covers HIV and unprotected sex among gay men) from 2010 that covers the United states, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, shows the following:

    The number of gay men who have intercourse without condoms are at 42% to 57% as of 2010, this includes both men in relationships and men who are not.

    The number was at 30% steadily between 1994 and 2004, so it is increasing.

    However Straight men are also having unprotected sex, and the number by WHO is “unlisted” because they look at multiple world regions, and the highest being Africa followed by the Middle East, India, and North America.

    I’m sure if I spend an hour going over this 1000 page report I’ll get the number…..but no thanks.

    So is unprotected sex part of the “Straight lifestyle”?

  • AndYouWillDeal

    @Hussain-TheCanadian: Unprotected sex with random strangers? Probably not, and if it is, it isn’t to the extent it happens in homosexuals.

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