Hate unleashed

Homophobic bus stop attack caught on video goes viral

A frightening viral video taken at a London bus stop has ignited new discussion over a string of hate crimes in the UK.

In the footage, a gay couple–who has remained anonymous–stands at a bus stop when a woman pulls up alongside them in a car, and begins to verbally harass them. Apparently she saw the two kiss just prior to stopping.

“You’re not going to be kissing your little boyfriend in the street, I’ve got a f*ggot son. You’re not going to do it. No, you’re not. You do that behind closed doors,” the woman hisses.

When the men refuse to apologize, the woman continues. “My son is not going to grow up like you to think it’s right to get stabbed in your *ss,” she says. “F*ggot boys,” she utters before driving off.

The woman in the video has yet to be identified.

Friends of the couple began sharing the video to bring attention to the growing climate of homophobia in the UK. This incident follows another hate crime, where a lesbian couple was verbally and physically attacked on a bus.