Homophobic Children Shout Antigay Chants At British Soccer Matches

Homophobic_Children_Anti-gay_Hate_Chants_FootballSurprise, sports fans are shouting antigay epithets in stadiums and children are joining in. Try not to look so shocked.

A hidden camera show in England is about to tackle the bad behavior. Airing tonight on Channel 3, the “Hate On The Terraces” show purports to have gathered evidence of whole families chanting stuff like:

  • “It’s a long way home, you faggots.”
  • “Get bumming him boys…Gayboy”
  • “Do you take it up the arse?”

These are not particularly well-crafted insults, but the problem remains: children learning that a good way to taunt someone is to accuse them of being gay.

Worse yet: authorities in the stands, whose job is to shut down unacceptable language like this, haven’t been doing anything. When shown the footage, officials offered a non-pology: “It could well be that nothing has happened and if that is the case then that is disappointing.”

Oh yes, quite disappointing, such a shame. Oh well, what can you do? These are the same officials that promised, a year ago, to so something about the verbal abuse. So, good job, guys!

Meanwhile, at least five teams have refused to sign on to an anti-bullying campaign. Probably because sports is such a welcoming environment that such a campaign simply isn’t necessary.