Homophobic Knife Attack “Sickening,” Says MP

“Horrific” and “evil”. Those are two of the adjectives MP George Galloway used to describe a knife attack on a 20-year old gay man known only as Olly.

Olly and a girl friend were leaving an East London bar this week when a gang of five men seized upon him, broke a bottle on his and stabbed him seven times in the back and torso. Obviously Olly’s not doing well and remains in hospital. Coppers, meanwhile, are skipping over assault charges and going straight for attempted murder.

The viciousness of the attack sparked Galloway’s outrage. He remarked: “This is a sickening and vile assault. A near fatal knife attack on a defenseless man is horrific enough. The fact that this also appears to be a homophobic hate crime compounds the evil.”