Homophobic Lawyer Who Cyberbullied A Gay College Student Loses Again

mam.NEW_.MSA_.09-07-10119_0_0Karma’s a bitch. Just ask Andrew Shirvell (pictured), the homophobic internet troll from Michigan who just had his request for unemployment benefits denied for being, well, a homophobic internet troll.

In 2010, Shirvell was canned from his job as assistant to Michigan Attorney-General Mike Cox after he called Chris Armstrong, a gay college student, a “radical homosexual activist,” “racist,” “elitist,” “liar,” and compared him to a Nazi and a member of the KKK. In his free time, Shirvell also maintained an antigay blog called the Chris Armstrong Watch, in which he frequently alleged that the 21-year-old student hosted orgies and had sex at a children’s playground and inside a church.

In addition to being fired from his job, Shirvell was also ordered to fork over $4.5 million to Anderson in a defamation lawsuit.

In a 3-0 decision handed down on Friday, it was decided that Shrivell was not eligible for unemployment benefits. The court said that his antigay hate speech was in direct opposition to the anti-cyber bullying campaign launched by the Attorney-General’s office at the time.

“It was reasonable for the department to conclude in its termination letter that Shirvell’s conduct … had the potential to damage the public’s perception [of the department],” the judgement read. “Shirvell’s conduct reasonably could have created the impression that neither he nor the department enforced the law in a fair, even-handed manner without bias.”

Shirvell called the ruling “deeply flawed” and claims his First Amendment rights have been violated.

Deborah Gordon, Armstrong’s lawyer, told The Michigan Daily, “You cannot defame, smear and stalk a college student (and others) and think you can continue working as an attorney for the state.”

She added: “Mr. Shirvell thought all he had to do was utter the words ‘First Amendment’ and he would magically be protected from any consequences for his actions. He was incorrect.”

h/t: Lawyer’s Weekly

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