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Homophobic nun goes ballistic trying to stop models from kissing in viral video

Hail Mary!

A video of a nun stopping by a photoshoot featuring two female models kissing in the street has gone viral, and not because Jesus’ teaching to “love one another” was on display.

Italian Models Serena de Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were posing for the Not Yet Magazine shoot when the nun wandered by and did not like what she saw.

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Taking matters into her own hands, the older nun freaked out and physically separated the women, screaming at them. Then the nun turned to address the crowd, but wouldn’t you know it, her condemnation wasn’t very popular.

The potentially scary interaction was taken with a giant grain of Italian sea salt given the nun’s old age, tiny stature and overall absurdity. Ferrari, Wilson and the team working the shoot laughed as she worked up a steam.

The magazine shared the video along with the caption: “When you go viral not for something good…”


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As expected, the internet is having some fun with the video.

In one meme re-shared by Ferrari, an arrow points to her shoes. “Maybe that was why…” reads the caption in Italian. Hey, we’ve all seen a pair of shoes out in the wild that begs for an intervention, and perhaps the nun just has strong feelings about socks with sandals.

In another, the nun is seen pleading with the crowd for some shared outrage as the two models laugh behind her. In Italian, the caption reads, “The first haters who heard blues and rock. It’s the devil.” An additional message says, “Adopt punk solutions to survive.”

Religious condemnation of the LGBTQ community is obviously no laughing matter…. but every rule has an exception.

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