Homophobic Protestors Succeed In Thwarting Gay Wedding For The Fourth Time

jg_mexicalinotwedding342768x0800_r620x349A same-sex wedding scheduled to take place at City Hall in Baja California was thwarted for the fourth time on Saturday.

Victor Manuel Aguirre and Fernando Urias (pictured) have been trying to tie the knot in Mexicali since June 2013, but every time they show up for their scheduled appointment at City Hall, they are turned away.

When the couple showed up for their latest appointment on Saturday, they were greeted by dozens of protestors, many of whom were wearing blue surgical masks that read “only a man and a woman.” A top city official told press that the wedding ceremony had been canceled at the last minute after a complaint was filed alleging the two would-be grooms “suffer from madness.”

The complaint was submitted by a woman named Angelica Guadalupe Gonzalez Sanchez. Sanchez serves as the president of the Coalition of Baja California Families, where she and her husband offer mandatory pre-marital counseling to couples preparing for civil wedding ceremonies at Mexicali City Hall.

In her complaint, Sanchez alleged that the men acted “aggressive and impertinent” towards her after she and her husband refused to offer them the mandatory pre-marital counseling talk, claiming the sessions were designed for heterosexual couples only.

Municipal official Jose Felix Arango Perez told reporters that “the submission of the complaint by this individual obligates us to suspend the legal ceremony,” adding that it is now up to the state’s family court system to resolve the matter.

Augierre and Urias tried getting married two months earlier, but officials said they could not perform the wedding ceremony due to “unresolved paperwork issues.” But the men insist this latest move by same-sex marriage opponents will not stop them from eventually being wed.

“Of course, we are going to continue to try,” Aguirre told reporters from the steps of City Hall.

“One day, their tricks will end, and we will never get tired of trying,” added Urias.

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