Homophobic Racist Utah Senator Inspires “Buttarsapalooza”

buttars_and_dodo_birdYou have to hand it to the enterprising gays and lesbians of Salt Lake City. Living in a town dominated by the Mormon Temple, their attempt at passing gay rights bills squashed by the state legislature and their State Senator Chris Buttars (pictured, left with fan) taking time out from his busy schedule to compare gays and lesbians to radical Muslim terrorists, you wouldn’t blame them for being dispirited and depressed. Instead, gay rights activists are planning a party on the lawn of the Capitol, this Saturday and could there possibly be a better name for it than “Buttarsapalooza”?

The Salt Lake Tribune writes:

“It’s a celebration of the fact that we are all Utahns,” said co-organizer Michael Mueller. “It’s a celebration of our diversity.

In a documentary-film interview released last week, Buttars, a West Jordan Republican, likened members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender [LGBT] community to Muslim radicals and called the group the “greatest threat to America.”

Mueller said Saturday’s event, which runs from noon to 4 p.m. on the Utah Capitol’s south lawn, will highlight other issues that he says pose greater threats: the economic recession, racial injustice and environmental crises, to name a few.

The festival, named in the tradition of music festival Lollapalooza, also will feature live music and a D.J.

Organizers had hoped to hold the event in Buttars’ hometown, but West Jordan city parks are closed to events from November through March. “

In related news, the Utah Senate stopped for two hours today to discuss Buttars and gay-rights in what State Sen. Pete Knudson called “a venting process”, ie: a lot of hot air that accomplished nothing. Just another day in the Utah Senate, in other words.