Easter's Gay

Homos (and Heteros) Invade the White House!


Some 100 tickets were given to gay and lesbian families for today’s White House Easter Egg Roll, an annual tradition that Barack Obama is the first to explicitly open to our kind. So what’d you miss if you weren’t there? The president reading to the kids, the Easter Bunny making introductions, and Joe and Jill Biden finally given a moment in the spotlight.

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  • LF

    Mr. Symbolism er Obama could have used the opportunity to announce his intention to actively lobby Congress for DOMA repeal but, no. However, I approve of Harvey the 6 Foot White Rabbit as the new symbol of gay progress in his administration AKA totally imaginary.

    Massa done read to us? Let us roll some Easter eggs! Aunt Jemima and me sure hope all them happy gay folk thanked Mr. Barack for all the work he’s done since getting sworn in to repeal DOMA for the them gay families and DADT and pass ENDA and the hate crimes bill? All those press conferences in which he lobbied for them, all those meetings with Congressional leaders about us, all those interviews since Jan 20th in which he’s spoken up for us. We sure do!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Oh god damn that homophobic right wing prez! Scum!

  • sal

    adorable!!!!!and that joe biden wife ,she can dress boy

  • dgz

    i was hoping for a pic of gay breeders. but i got aang the last airbender?! somehow i’m missing the easter connection there…

  • blake

    Isn’t interesting that any time Obama does anything remotely Queer friendly there is a noticeable lack of comments?

    I’m all for calling out politicians for their faults but they should also be rewarded for their good works. Just think of all of the bigots whose heads must have spun and ears spewed steam when they learned that for the first time Queer families participated openly at the White House Easter celebrations.

  • Brendan



    @ BRENDAN: ditto!

  • Lux8600

    Totally cool so totally cool . . . O’bama you go boy!

  • Chitown Kev

    I do find it ironic that Barack Obama has done more for gay visibility than the No On 8 campaign did in their TV advertisements.

  • Tom

    Table scraps! We don’t need Easter eggs rolled, we need LAWS changed, but note the Messiah-in-Chief hasn’t even personally dropped the G-word once since, what, December 18th when he declared himself “a fierce advocate for gay and lesbian Americans.” Gosh, we didn’t even get a shout out in the Inaugural speech after his pal Rick Warren sold a few thousand more books on international TV.

    Could be a plot though….he could have been kidnapped and replaced by a lookalike who would only talk about gay rights when he was trying to get elected and then “move (them) down the road.”

  • Chitown Kev

    Sheeesh, I am not ignoring much of what you say, though I can say without much of the vitriol.

    It’s not like Barack Obama is going to hand it to us on a silver platter though, as we expected Bill Clinton to do. Obama needs the Congress to put the legislation in front of his desk and it would probably help if we didn’t run closeted campaigns as the No On 8 campaign was run either.

    Having said that, I do agree that Obama can and should do more and quit it with the homophobic preachers like Warren, ey al.

  • Chris McMorrow

    The Holy Bible, God’s infallible Word, teaches that homosexuality is an ABOMINATION in His sight … and … that all unrepentant homosexuals are destined for the LAKE OF FIRE … ETERNITY in Hell.

    Contrary to what effeminate, degenerate modern “psychology” teaches, men and woman are NOT born this way, but rather, they give way to their own innate depravity.

    The only way that men (and women) can come out of this soul-killing sin is to place their faith in the blood atonement and righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Now, regarding “President” Obama … well … he is obviously being used as a tool of Satan. He too is slated for Judgment and eternity in Hell … unless he repents of his abominable wickedness and turns to Jesus.

  • RainaWeather

    That is such a scary fucking Easter bunny!

  • Brianna

    @Chris McMorrow:

    Thanks. I needed a good laugh. Now be gone, before our gay demonic energy enters your soul through the internetz. *snort*

  • rogue dandelion

    hooray? we get invited to the nonsensical commercial spinoff of of a holiday from a religion that teaches we go to hell?

  • strumpetwindsock

    @rogue dandelion:
    Meh… It ain’t my favourite holiday, but it’s fun for kids.

    But I think gay family presence there is important; it has nothing to do with “table scraps” and it has nothing to do with whether you think Obama is working for the Devil or the Bildenberg Group (or, God forbid, he might simply be doing the right thing).

    After all he’s not just your president, he’s your head of state. You’re not being invited to his house; he’s taking care of YOUR house. You have a right to be there, and it’s important for you to be seen being there.

    And besides, Easter is pagan through-and-through.
    Eggs? Bunnies? …even the name is pagan.

  • Chitown Kev


    You know, not simply as “a gay” here and “a lesbian” there but with children, as family unit, nothing vague at this even about “equality,” and “fairness.”

  • InExile

    No one knew gays were allowed at the event except us gays so what difference does it make? NONE!

    I know many gay families separated because one of the partners are foreign born and cannot get a green card.

    I enjoyed my Easter Holiday a world away from my friends and family by myself here in France while my partner worked. Our laws in the US have destroyed our life as we knew it in LA, we are alone here!

    Thank you Mr. President for recognizing my family!

  • Attmay

    Thank you Pharoahbama for throwing crumbs at the table to families to whom you consider worthy of marriage apartheid for a heretic holiday celebrating a nonexistent, not-physically-possible event. If it was up to people like you regarding interracial families who believe things similar to what you believe, you would never have been born.

    Shove it, you breeder pig.

    @Chris McMorrow: Fuck you, goy breeder.

  • Selma

    LOL!!! I love the racist gays! Their poses, language SO familiar over the years – feeling nostaglic as those same flaming lips found every reason in the world to be racist against gay people of color. And now, the person of color who is the now the Leader of the Free World is expected to raise the rainbow flag over the white house – and bend over backwards…just for them. LAUGHABLE!!!!

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