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Homosexual Activists Force Radio Station To Embrace ‘Gay Apparel’

“We’ll deck the halls, but we draw the line at gay apparel,” announced Canadian radio station Q104, “the home of rock’n’roll,” in a new holiday promo spot. Whoops! That was enough to get the gays upset.

The Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project intervened, and got Q104 to realize the error of their ways. The radio station has been supportive of LGBTs, the group said in a release, but the ad went too far. Q104 brass agreed, saying in a statement: “Our sense was that this piece was an innocent joke. However, upon further reflection and discussion, we decided it would be to the benefit of the radio station, our audience and the community at large to change the wording of the ad to present a positive portrayal of the word ‘gay.’”

Which is exactly what they did. So goes the new holiday jingle: “At Q104, we’re all about decking the halls, and if the mood strikes us, donning a little gay apparel.” Wonderful!

Now they just need to learn how to throw a Christmas toy drive without the Salvation Army.

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  • jacknasty

    Well it is good that they changed it, but they are a ROCK station after all and no true rockers would wear gay apparel. Because “gay apparel” in the song is using gay to mean happy, jovial and festive…something that is very un-rock’n’roll. But I can definitely see how people could take it as “I would be embarrassed to be seen in any glbt friendly clothes” instead of “I won’t wear any happy Christmas sweaters because I only wear black metal t-shirts”

  • Riker

    Look up some old Twisted Sister photos. Apparel doesn’t get much gayer than that.

  • Bruce

    Please it was meant to be funny, nothing is funnier then str8 guys who are probably gay trying to detract from how gay they are by distancing themselves from the very thing they want. We should send them some really hot gy apparel.

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