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Homosexual Lutheran Pastor Tom Brock Expected to Keep His Job!

Just because he acknowledged to sexually slipping up in Slovakia (oooh, can that be a B-list version of saying “lifting your luggage”?) doesn’t mean Pastor Tom Brock, who regularly rails against the Lutheran community’s acceptance of homos, is going to lose his job!

He’s been placed on two weeks leave while his God-fearing supervisors investigate claims against him that he’s a sexually active homosexual, but “church officials” say he’s likely to be welcomed back to Hope Lutheran Church — which dropped ELCA to join the much less liberal Association of Free Lutheran Congregations — afterward, because Brock did the right thing in seeking treatment, or whatever, for his same-sex attraction.

Which is sort of a nice message for the church to send: It’s okay to preach against the very thing that you are, so long as you go to regular meetings where you learn to hate thy self.

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  • Bill

    He actually made reference to ‘demons’ as to why he got butt fucked by a dude in Slovakia.


    I guess if the whole ‘pastor’ thing doesn’t work out, he can always consider a career in the theatre, darlings.

  • B

    Re No 1: where did the article state that he was a bottom? There were no details that I saw beyond a statement that there was some sexual activity. He seems to have mentioned “demonic energy” rather than demons, and I guess “demonic energy” can just be a metaphor (but a heading summarized that as “wierd demons” – yet another example of inaccurate reporting).

    Regardless, he isn’t the first person to go into rehab until a flap dies down, and probably won’t be the last.

  • Lanjier

    Brock dumps his bullshit about gypsies and demons on a bunch of self-loathing and shamed losers in some wacky support group and he can keep his job. What a fucked-up culture of wimps and douchebags in that christian conservative community.

  • Moses

    “…where did the article state that he was a bottom?”

    God showed me how to read between the lines.

  • Bick Biffster

    We got the devil up in here now. OH making the baby Jeezuss cry now. Yessah!! (cue passing the collection plate)

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