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Homosexual Pop Singer Performs Entire Song Without the Need For Any Blurring

Wow! After blurring Adam Lambert’s same-sex kiss, CBS managed to find a way to have the Idol singer on its television network without the need for any censorship. Amusing, then, that it takes place on The Late Show, recently the crime scene of CBS’s most sex-plagued in-house scandal, like, ever.

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  • arjuna52

    Excellent performance!

  • Dude567

    This is Adam at his best. If he had done something like this on the AMAs, he wouldn’t have had all the problems. But he wouldn’t have had all the international publicity, either. My 2nd cousin in Dubrovnik, Croatia has now heard of him. He will sell out arenas in Japan. Go Adam!

  • dellisonly

    Truly talented singers sound just as good in front of a 120 piece orchestra as the do sitting at the piano or strumming a guitar. Any singer that requires the vocal tricks that he uses is nothing more than a hack. He needs tricks and whole heap of extras just to be noticed. He is a cog in the modern day PT Barnum machine we call American Idol.

  • romeo

    dellisonly #3: You obviously didn’t see him on Idol. LOL

    What he did on Sunday night was apparently just the kick to the ignition that his career needed. LOL

    And he’s got the right-wingers in such a twist that they’re turning blue from their respiratory systems giving out. It’s a win-win. LOL

  • CHIP1218

    #2 DUDE 567 – Your cousin is very lucky – Dubrovnik is a BEAUTIFUL city and the men are gorgeous on the coast during the summer!

  • RomanHans

    In hindsight, Adam was absolutely brilliant. He immediately announced his agenda — he’s gay, he’s not taking any BS, and he’s totally ready to fuck things up — and then just backed off and blew people away with talent.

    That’s far more than the gay community could have asked for. (And yes, the record is pretty great.) Here’s to a long and illustrious career.

  • Ben

    @#3 What’s hack is your argument. Here’s a vocal trick, a 22 second breath hold in LIVE Brigadoon light opera at 3:20.

    Join the other 625,000 ex-nonbelievers on youTube view count.

  • Andy

    This is one of the best songs on the album (thank you, Pink), but they’re all actually shockingly good. I’m not a superfan kind of guy, but Adam Lambert is becoming everything I want in a pop star.

  • Bianca

    And to make things even worse, in case any of you hasn’t heard – ABC the MF’s are guesting Chris Brown, woman batterer on their show!!! YOU GET IT? The guy who beat the shit out of his girlfriend Rihanna is OK for them. They aren’t afraid he’s an awful role model. One homo kiss and simulated bj makes them go nuts but not a potential murderer!

    I hate humanity….

  • schlukitz

    WOW! I was just reduced to a puddle of tears listening to that gorgeous, bitter-sweet rendition of “Come To Me: from Brigadoon.

    Thank you for turning me onto that video, No. 7 – Ben.

    And, eat your heart out, No,. 3 – Delusionally. Misspell intentional.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Good Lord that “Brigadoon” clip is absolutely stunning!

  • schlukitz

    With his own acknowldgement that he is gay, the obvious success of his new cd and with the deepest of respect for him, may I say that if Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, would Adam Lambert not now be the Queen of Pop?

    Or would I get popped in the mouth for saying that? :-P

  • wwwl

    Good. Adam grew up this week. I bet you wont see him being all eager and “gosh, what a world” hokey in interviews anymore. The media monster eats all the nice out of you. I hope he stays at attention and battles out the censors and gay haters with verve and gusto.

  • romeo

    @ WWWL #14: I hope so to.

  • Swarm

    Adam is on a roll. I knew once he started it’d be hard to shut him up. He’s chatty.

    Promo on “Open House Party” “I’ll be on later tonight with Canon…if he’s real good maybe I’ll give him a kiss” ..with a laugh.

    Then Twittergurls went nuts and the dj tweeted you guys like that, huh? LMAO

    #14 WWWL Right “gosh, what a world” is done.
    #15 Hai Romeo!

    here’s a link but it’s kinda painful lol. He’s coming on soon.

  • Swarm

    NOW…d.j “Adam Lambert, the man with the biggest cajones (sp) in America”

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