Yeah, Our Jaw Dropped, Too

“Homosexuality Is A Choice” Says Homo-Journo

Most homo-journos – including ourselves – gasped when Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson’s queer choice of words at Logo and HRC’s gay forum earlier this month.

Gay philosopher, journalist and professor John Corvino, however, took a different, more convoluted and potentially politically disastrous route.

In a piece originally published at 365 Gay, but reprinted at Independent Gay Forum, Corvino, an ethics professor, writes:

The question “Is it a choice or biological?” involves gross oversimplification. Homosexuality is both, and neither, depending on what one means.

Although we don’t choose our romantic feelings, homosexuality (like heterosexuality) certainly involves choices–about whether and how and with whom to express those feelings. When Richardson said “it’s a choice,” he probably meant that we have the right to make such choices. Good for him.

At the same time, homosexuality (like heterosexuality) surely has biological underpinnings. We’re flesh-and-blood creatures. At some level, everything about us is biological, regardless of what causal story about sexual orientation one accepts.

But don’t we need to prove we’re “born this way” to show that homosexuality is “natural”? Not at all. I wasn’t born speaking English, or practicing religion, or writing columns–yet none of these is “unnatural” in any morally relevant sense.

We’re absolutely speechless. We trust you lot have something to say.