Honeymoon In Rio: Sao Paolo Legalizes Gay Marriage

Rio-de-Janeiro-Gay-Pride-Brazil-2011-uol-26This week a judge in Brazil approved the country’s first officially recognized same-sex marriage.

Following an earlier ruling by the Brazilian Supreme Court, Sao Paulo state judge Fernando Henrique Pinto ruled two men could convert their civil union into a legal marriage.

Henceforth, same-sex couples in Sao Paulo will be able to automatically register their marriages without the need for a court order. The ruling even extends to foreign couples, which means the South American hotspot could turn into even more of a gay-travel destination.

In October, 47 gay and lesbian couples participated in a mass commitment ceremony.





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  • smithster11

    Not trying to sound pedantic, but it’s Paulo.

  • John Doe

    “This week a judge in Brazil approved the country’s first officially recognized same-sex marriage.”

    This is WRONG. The frist same-sex marriage was 1.5 years ago. AND, it is Sao Paulo, not Sao Paolo.

    When getting news from another source…. be sure that it is the original source. Otherwise incorrect information gets passed on from one LGBT website to another.

    I’ll just cut-and-paste from Wikipedia and give you the original source too.

    “On June 27, 2011, a Brazilian state judge approved what the court said is the nation’s first same-sex marriage. São Paulo state Judge Fernando Henrique Pinto ruled that two men could convert their civil union into a full marriage. Brazil’s Supreme Court then cleared the way in the following May for the recognition of same-sex civil unions, but stopped short of approving same-sex marriages.” = BRAZIL’S FIRST SAME-SEX MARRIAGE


    “On December 18, 2012, the Court of São Paulo ordered all the state notaries to convert civil unions into marriages for same-sex couples, or even grant full marriage if the couple isn’t in a civil union. Those licenses don’t need judge’s approval, they are granted directly.” = NO NEED TO GET A STABLE UNION (CIVIL UNION) FIRST. CAN GET MARRIAGE IMMEDIATELY VIA NOTARY (CARTORIO) OFFICE WITHOUT REQUIRING A CONVERSION VIA THE COURT.




    WHICH SAYS (TRANSLATED): “The Court ruled on Tuesday (18) that all notaries in the State of São Paulo will be obliged to register the civil marriage of homosexuals without the need of a previous court order.”

    “With the measure, the gay couple no longer need to register before ordering stable marriage. Now, just as the couple go to the court and ask the wedding registry.

    Also no longer need to go to court to ask for marriage or conversion of a stable union.”

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