Sex Tape

Hong Kong police arrest two men in connection with “gay cop” viral video

Police in Hong Kong have announced the arrest of two men in connection with the filming and distribution of a gay sex video.

Law enforcement apprehended two men, identified only by their first names: 40-year-old Ng, and 45-year-old Chow. Police arrested them in their apartment on Monday for unauthorized use of police uniforms, distributing obscene articles, possessing false instruments, handling stolen goods and possessing offensive weapons. Police also seized a walkie-talkie, handcuffs, an extendable baton, a BB gun, a fake police warrant card and several police uniforms from the apartment.

The Standard, a Hong Kong-based newspaper, further reports that cybersecurity and technology crime bureau senior inspector Lau Chun-yu claimed only one of the men actually appears in the video in question. He also added that the equipment in the video is not standard police issue.

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“Equipment seized from the apartment, such as a BB gun, a handcuff and an extendable baton, are not police constables’ typical equipment,” Lau said. “But the uniforms do bear a strong resemblance to the genuine ones, and police are still investigating their origin and authenticity.”

Further to the seizure of the police equipment, investigators also discovered a number of hard drives said to contain obscene videos.

As for the video clip in question, it runs about ten seconds, and shows three men dressed in police attire engaged in sexual intercourse. Though it went viral last month, it was said to be filmed in 2012.

Meanwhile, the search for other suspects continues. Inspector Lau added that, if convicted, suspects could maximum fine of HK$1 million and three-year imprisonment.