Trans is Beautiful

In honor of Transgender Day of Visibility: bask in the wisdom of trans entertainers

In celebration of the International Transgender Day of Visibility, we here at Queerty take moment to reflect on the push for transgender equality, trans representation and the evolution of opportunities for trans people on both sides of the camera. The wisdom and truth offered by these amazing talents offer a perspective not just on changing attitudes about transgender people, but on the wisdom life gifts to all LGBTQ folk.

Don’t believe us? Read these quotes of shared truth from some of our favorite people and feel your heart swell.

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About that time Alexandra Billings made us scream with laughter, then made us cry

On the importance of mentorship among queer people:

So when you ask about the necessity of mentorship, my answer is survival. Our community will not be able to continue if we cannot honor what we were, so we can honor who we are becoming. We cannot do that if we don’t have people around us lifting us up as we travel down the Yellow Brick Road. So the necessity of mentorship is the theme of survival. And let me say this to every single LGBTQ individual 40 years or older: you have a responsibility. This is your job. That’s why you’re here. If you’re over 40 you’ve already lived through a viral plague. This is your second one. And there’s no reason in the world for you to waste time feeling sorry for yourself when there are hundreds and hundreds of LGBTQ youth who need your voice. Get. Up.

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