Trans is Beautiful

In honor of Transgender Day of Visibility: bask in the wisdom of trans entertainers

In celebration of the International Transgender Day of Visibility, we here at Queerty take moment to reflect on the push for transgender equality, trans representation and the evolution of opportunities for trans people on both sides of the camera. The wisdom and truth offered by these amazing talents offer a perspective not just on changing attitudes about transgender people, but on the wisdom life gifts to all LGBTQ folk.

Don't believe us? Read these quotes of shared truth from some of our favorite people and feel your heart swell.

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Trans actress Shakina Nayfack on curing the pandemic fatigue with ‘Connecting…’

On the power of forgiveness:

I believe behavior transformation comes from heart transformation. So what I tried to present…was a simple exercise to meditate on forgiveness in your own life to build the muscle to give and receive it in relationships. In terms of moving forward, I think we have to close our eyes and imagine forgiving the people we are really angry with, and forgive ourselves for the reasons we haven’t shown up enough to prevent atrocities. We have to learn to draw healthy boundaries around that which we deem to be unforgivable and learn how to live healthy, compassionate lives without that getting in the way. Those are big steps.

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