Honorary Lesbian


Today’s New York Times has a funny little quip about New York Mayor Bloomberg’s new honorary title.

Well Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg picked up a new title yesterday, “Honorary Lesbian.” The former City Councilwoman Margarita López, left, a lesbian, bestowed the honor on him yesterday while expressing gratitude for a deal in which the city sold several buildings in her old district to a consortium of East Village arts groups for $1 each. Mr. Bloomberg did not seem to glory in the new title. After Ms. Lopez announced, “I’m making him an honorary lesbian,” he told the crowd, “Let the record show that the mayor moved right along after that.”

We can only imagine what comes along with that title. Our guesses: The Indigos Girls’ entire catalog, a guest spot on the L Word, and bad hair. Scratch the bad hair, he’s already got that covered.

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[New York Times]