He Hooked Up With His Straight BFF, Now He’s Not Sure What To Do


What happens when you hook up with your straight BFF for a night of naked unbridled passion? That’s what one confused gay man on Reddit wants to know.

“I’m a 27 year old gay guy and my friend is a 27 year old straight guy and we’re both single,” his post begins. “We’ve had a kind of bromance thing going on but we’ve never exchanged more than hugs and joke flirting.”

Until last weekend, that is.

“There was a big jazz festival in my city and a load of friends were coming to stay in my house, including this guy,” the man explains. “All the rooms and couches in the house were full and most of the bedrooms had people doubling up in the beds. My straight friend and I ended up sharing my bed for the whole weekend.”

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To make a long story short, one night, after an evening of light drinking, the guys returned to the house and went to bed.

“We were joking as usual and then cuddled up together (which has never happened before),” he writes. “My hand was on his chest and I could feel his heart racing. He started to rub my hand and we cuddled a bit closer and proceeded to some heavier petting.”

The next thing the man knew, his straight friend was kissing him on the lips. Things quickly accelerated from there.

“Lots of kissing and moaning and grinding,” he says. “Then the underwear came off.”

The man says it ended up being “the hottest and most intimate sex I’ve ever had.” The next day, however, he was unsure what to do.

“I immediately woke up fully and was silently screaming WTF repeatedly in my head,” he says. “I left him sleeping and got up and showered and had breakfast.”

For the entire rest of the day, neither of the guys acknowledged what happened the evening before. Nor have they talked about it since.

“It was a bit weird,” the man recalls. “We hung out for the rest of the day and didn’t mention it once. We hugged before he left and just kind of looked in each other’s eyes and smiled. Now I don’t know what the hell to do!”

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The man wonders: “Should I just forget about it and carry on as normal and hope it doesn’t become weird? Is he straight/gay/bisexual/bicurious or was he just experimenting or whatever? Should I bring it up with him and figure out where we stand?”

As usual, the folks on Reddit were more than happy to offer their thoughts on the man’s predicament.

“Well, I tell you what, a 100% straight dude doesn’t fuck his gay best friend,” one person writes.

“I’d ask him if he wants to talk about it,” another person suggests. “If he says no, you can just forget it, write it off as one of those fun experimental nights and be done with it.”

“I’m not gay, but I have had regrettable sex with friends,” a third person writes. “The friendships didn’t survive the sex, but I think the friendships were mostly a cover for thinly-veiled flirtation/sexual tension that eventually came to a boil.”

Then there was this beautiful metaphor: “Tell him you had an awesome time with him and that you hope things aren’t going to be weird … Last thing we want is to actively make the elephant bigger. Neutralize the elephant, by understanding that it was some intimate hot fun and that’s all.”

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    Tell him your pregnant



  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey

    “Well, I tell you what, a 100% straight dude doesn’t fuck his gay best friend,” one person writes.

    It’s just the fantasy of a homophobic gay for pay addicted gay man and his closeted friend.

  • Captain Obvious

    Reddit fiction. Woo.

  • ChuckF

    I agree with the guy who said to tell him you had a fantastic time and hope it wasn’t weird for him. Honesty is best and it gives him a chance to say something he might be afraid to say to you.

  • Frank

    Queerty NEEDS to GROW up and stop thinking and posting these STUPID stories….there are SO many REAL LIFE things happening to gay men and women that this is literally septic tank journalism…but they need the ad revenue so continue to print these stories and I will use Ad Blocker

  • Brian

    There’s nothing hotter than eating out a straight guy’s ass after it’s been perfumed with Brut 33.

  • Brian

    On a serious note, if the straight-identifying guy wanted to have a same-sex fling, that’s his right. He shouldn’t be harassed or harangued by queer conversationalists or women determined to turn this into a bigger issue.

    It’s not decent for queer conversationalists or women to go on a spree about closets and identity crises. This is not that.

  • Bob LaBlah

    I guess I should go on over to redditt and put on there how I got up at 2am, made sure I didnt stub my toe on my boots as I got out of bed, walk down the hallway to the bathroom (and let out two good room clearers as I walked), took a twenty-five second whizz (I always leave the seat up), flushed the toilet and then walked back down the hallway. And after being sure not to stub my toe against my boot I got back into bed and went back to sleep.

    Yeah, people should be interested in my doing that. Yeah, ok, I’m headin’ on over to whateverthehelltheirnameis’ site and register right now. The world is being intellectually robbed by not knowing that about me.


    @Bob LaBlah: Hey, don’t do yourself down..still a better plot than James Joyce’s Ulysses

  • Chris

    In this huge world of ours, I’d say that almost anything imaginable between two people and lots that we can’t imagine can happen. So fictional or not, I am willing to accept this as possible. ….. But someone posting an event like this on Reddit rather than talking about it with his friend? That is what stretches my imagination. I guess I’m just not with it because I thought that one can and does talk about anything and everything with one’s best friend.

  • Sluggo2007

    If your “straight” friend didn’t want to participate, he’d have gotten out of bed.

  • tampaed

    WTF? Can anyone be this stupid or childish? I mean seriously after a Night of intense intimacy with your BFF now you’re afraid to even talk about it. How old are you 12? MAN THE FUCK UP. Just tell your so called BFF you had a great time and it’s ok if he wants to talk about it or not. If he does cool If not then don’t fucking worry about it. You’re making a Mountain out of a ant hill. Hell most likely your BFF is ready to go again if you’d just loosen up and enjoy it for what it is SEX between friends and not a marriage proposal!

  • jdboston617

    Gurl please. I’m confused with Queerty loves to publish obviously bogus stories. I mean I love good jerk off material, but why pretend this is real.

  • ErikO

    The best friend is not hetero/straight but people on reddit post fake stories that belong on nifty or an erotic fiction site instead.

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Then there was this beautiful metaphor: “Tell him you had an awesome time with him and that you hope things aren’t going to be weird … Last thing we want is to actively make the elephant bigger. Neutralize the elephant, by understanding that it was some intimate hot fun and that’s all.”

    That’s actually the right course of action. Afterall, he’s not straight for having had sex with you? Where do you get off claiming that you’re gay? Maybe you’re not gay for feeling awkward afterwards. What do you mean you bolted to the shower, and didn’t bring it up yourself in your own right? That’s on you. So how about you stop putting him in the hot seat. Atleast he has an excuse for not BEING GAYER!! Think about.

  • DuMaurier

    “…not sure what to do.”

    I know! I know!

    Stop calling him “straight.”

  • stan_heck984623462

    Well you need to call him and “TALK” about it. No e-mails. Things can be taken the wrong way in e-mails. This is too sensitive of a subject for an e-mail anyway. Just tell your friend “The truth on how you feel”. This will be one of the hardest calls you will make but it is called “Being a Grown-up”.

  • Lookingood1

    Relax…enjoy what u have done

  • pscheck2

    Since the gay guy states that the sex they had was the most intense he ever experienced, makes me wonder if BFF had a little practice, before bedding him? In any event, the gay one should just leave it alone, and let BFF make the next move. It appears he must have enjoyed it or else he would have made a retreat to the safe haven of I was drunk or I was horny thinking about my GF and needed release!””In any event, the ball is in his court and it will be up to him to ‘revisit’another night of passion.

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