Horrid Hoover Hawk-Eyed Hottie Hudson?

Did alleged cross-dresser and FBI big boss, J. Edgar Hoover have it out for closeted gay actor, Rock Hudson? A new tell-all book, Nick Redfern‘s Celebrity Secrets: Government Files on the Rich and Famous, says “yes”.

In researching the book, Redfern came across some 50s-era files on Hudson in which agents question his sexuality. Redfern writes:

FBI agents were clearly in possession of incriminating data on Hudson, including information on a variety of his bedmates, orgies in which he had partaken, and motels where he would conduct his secret affairs.

The intelligence servicemen were apparently so concerned that they forced Universal Pictures to change some details of the 1969 flick, A Fine Pair, in which Hudson was meant to play an agent.

The delicious muckrakers at The Daily News report: HooverB.jpg

Variety‘s 1967 report of the casting set off a flurry of FBI memos, and before long Universal producers changed Hudson’s role to that of an NYPD captain.

When the leading man was again tapped to play an agent at the Bureau in The Seven File, the resulting FBI memo read: “Our files indicate that Rock Hudson, a prominent leading man, has been alleged to be a homosexual and/or bisexual. The Los Angeles Office has been instructed to remain alert concerning all developments regarding this motion picture.”

They go on to say that the Bureau closed the Hudson case following Hoover’s 1972 death.

Sounds to us like someone had a nasty case of the envies (read: Hoover wanted Hudson’s dick).