Horst Recasts Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford As Well-Endowed Tom Of Finland Models

Damn those Germans are kinky.

One of our favorite non-gay-stuff blogs, Copyranter, sent us a link to a series of illustrations by German artist Bendix Bauer, who has reimagined top gay fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and the DSquared twins, Dean & Dan Caten, for the limited-edition first issue of Horst, a new boundady-pushing queer magazine based out of Hamburg.

Here are some PG-13 teasers. We highly recommend checking out the full NSFW images.
















As for Horst, it seems to be one of those high-concept post-gay publications—like Butt but with a bigger budget. Here’s part of their mission statement:

The project will be focused on the lifestyle of modern gay men who don’t define themselves on the basis of their sexual orientation. It’s about being a man, being at ease with your body, with your desires, with your needs, with your habits, with your sexuality.

The visuals will be breathtaking high-end images incorporating expressive, mind-blowing and sometimes even shocking subjects. Sex sells, we all know that. Many big campaigns set new standards when they’re published. Sex is a huge part of professional advertising; sex is success. Inspired by this fact, we’re convinced that our magazine is an ideal platform for awakening desires. The readers will not just flick through the pages, but they will be captivated by the artistic impressions and the content. The magazine addresses a highly financially significant target group. It’s a perfect platform to showcasing the latest »must-haves« and for representing the lifestyle of the modern gay man.

The first issue is a »limited edition« of 1.000 copies, wich will be available in some selected stores in Germany and online at Furthermore it will be send exclusively to the world’s most important decision makers, creating a medium for presenting products to people you’ve never been able to reach before: a group of men, normally surrounded by pure luxury, who have seen almost everything life has to offer but still have a constant desire for something new! We offer advertisers looking to target our readership a wide range of different ad formats, so make sure you seize this opportunity by being a part of the very first issue, our no.1.

We love the magazine but sheesh, that’s a bit much, don’t you think? Those wacky Germans!

Source: Horst via Copyranter