Hospital Encourages Men To Sell Their Sperm, NOT Their Kidneys, For An iPhone 6s

XAW101_China_Apple_New_iPhonesIf you thought those absurd lines that form around an Apple store in the days preceding a big product launch were bad, wait until you learn the lengths some Chinese men are going to secure a soon-to-be released iPhone 6s.

China Daily reports that in at least two cases, men have attempted to sell their kidneys to raise funds for the new tech.

They went so far as to contact a potential black market buyer and arranged medical tests in a nearby hospital in Nanjing.

Luckily for them, the buyer didn’t show, and the men have held on to their internal organs. Maybe they can hold our for the 7?

Apple fanboy fervor is well-documented in China. In 2012, the release of an earlier iPhone model was stopped on safety grounds after a near-riot broke out in Beijing.

As is to be expected, Chinese medical institutions aren’t so fond of this disturbing kidney story, and one hospital has responded with one of the strangest campaigns imaginable.

Renji Hospital in China is encouraging men to donate sperm and use the money to pay for a new iPhone 6s using the tagline, “No need to sell your kidneys, you can easily have a 6s.”

Still sounds like a sticky situation if you ask us.