Host Of ‘Curing Homosexuality Seminar’ Feels Put Out By Catholic School That Canceled On Him

St. Columban’s College at Caboolture, in Queensland, Australia, came to its senses and canceled a “curing homosexuality seminar” after its parent Brisbane Catholic Education learned that, um, it was about to host a curing homosexuality seminar. Now without a venue, the group that was going to invite the locals to figure out how to de-gay themselves is pulling the victim card.

But Miracle Christian Center president Dorian Ballard [pictured] denied the accusation, saying when they hired halls they didn’t advise what they would be preaching about. He denied the group was homophobic. He said they had been discriminated against and the case was now with their lawyers. “We are not homophobic, many of us have come out of the homosexual lifestyle,” he said. “We are not afraid of homosexuals; we love them, we’ve ministered to them for years. This topic is always up for debate. It’s great to hear a lot of different views in the broad spectrum and we have been silenced, we have been discriminated against.”

Oh Dorian. That’s just so cute! Now let’s learn a little about you:

Dorian Ballard had a supernatural encounter with the power of Jesus Christ and became a Christian in 1993 at the age of 18 from a life of satanic practices, substance abuse and gross sins.

Qualifications galore, if you ask me.