Hot Australian Ass Unveiled In New AussieBum Promos

IS_UNDaB13001_Lionheart_Brf_Fearless_01-po_140219153725You’ve always thought the kind of hardened ancient gladiators depicted in film would look much better in modern-day underwear, right? Those metal-plated skirt things are so last century.

You’re not alone, apparently.

AussieBum, Australian underwear brand and maker of vivid wet dreams, has released two excellent preview videos for the new Lionheart and League 14 lines. The first showcases a flock of wild bulge and ass going to war on the battlefield, while the other features an even wetter flock of bulge and ass taking a dip in the ocean.

Think Andrew Christian video, except these are actually advertising underwear:

h/t homorazzi