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“Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks shows off enormous talent

If you saw him in a lineup, you’d say, “Officer, that’s him — the man who stole my heart.” And the precinct would collectively roll their eyes and wish you hadn’t come.

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But that’s the kind of corny material that comes to mind staring into “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks’ glacial baby blues. All common sense goes right out the window.

In 2014, the Californian’s chiseled mugshot went viral after Meeks was arrested. It’s not difficult to see why:

Meeks managed to turn that mugshot into a professional modeling career, signing with White Cross Management and strutting his stuff at the Philipp Plein Show for New York Fashion Week back in 2017.

Workin' it

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Now Meeks has entered a new stratum of celebrity male sex symbol. Some of his extra-special, um, self-portraits, have made their way on to the web.

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And it appears that Meeks has more talent than we ever knew. You can see those HEREbut probably best not to click while you’re screen-sharing with your boss on your work-from-home day.