Guilty Pleasures

‘Hot Felon’ Returns With New, Criminally Sultry Instagram Pictures

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If you saw him in a lineup, you’d say, “Officer, that’s him — the man who stole my heart.” And the precinct would collectively roll their eyes and wish you hadn’t come.

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But that’s the kind of corny material that comes to mind staring into ‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks’ glacial baby blues. All common sense goes right out the window. In 2014, the Californian’s chiseled mug (by way of the above mugshot) went viral after Meeks was arrested on felony weapons charges. He capitalized on that fame by signing with a modeling agency, and now he’s moved from prison to a halfway house to house arrest. We imagine he’ll soon be transported to a catwalk in Milan.

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With his Bad Boy image now firmly in place, Meeks has replenished his Instagram account with an arresting arsenal (ha?) of beefcake photos that will have you stopping in the name of… you get it.


End of my driveway is as far as I can go ? #housearrest

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Sick in bed. Can’t wait for the game! #warriors

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Count down #housearrest #bayarea

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#warriors #dubnation #hometeam

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