Hot, Hot, Hot: Nolan Gets A Bisexual Love Triangle On “Revenge”

Pansexual Nolan is getting a “visit from a mystery man” according to Perez Hilton, and he’s going to be played by the very handsome E.J. Bonilla. Word is Bonilla will be the third leg in the Nolan-Padma bisexual love triangle. That might be a first for nighttime TV!

As for Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp), our leading lady might be getting back with still-living flame Daniel Grayson. ABC has released stills  from the new season show the couple canoodling on a dance floor. Is it a flashback or a sign of something to come?

Are you a Revenge fanatic? Do you like how Nolan is portrayed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo: ABC

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  • Ron Jackson

    Who? Maybe a little background on this show and the characters would help?

  • NormdePlume

    Well, the clip has scenes from either last season or the season before that. The guy with the bandage was Daniel’s friend. He and Nolan did have an affair, but the guy is long gone from the show. No pictures or clip of EJ Bonilla, either.

    It’s a pretty good show. It beats the reality showcrap that usually inhabits evening TV.

  • Niall

    Are we actually going to see them kiss and show affection like the straight characters on the show though, or do we get a “lean towards each other and fade to black” nonsense like it’s the 90s that we got in Season One


    So this season he’s gonna be a bi-sexual?? WTF?!?!?!?!

  • balehead

    They all act super gay on this show….who are they kidding?…

  • Niall

    @LARRYBMOVIE: He’s always been bisexual, he said he was a 3 on the kinsey scale in Season One

  • michaelroy

    Well it sounds like Perez has the inside scoop, but no sneak peak clips. The youtube clips are from last season with Nolan’s el hottie tortured lover/black mailer. I do agree with Niall. I hope this time around they bring the love story into 2012/2013. The lovers leaning into each other and the scene fading to black is a number that is waaay too 80’s and 90’s and demeaning. Nolan’s character deserves better. He was more of a side kick to Emily in Season 1. Looks like his character is getting fleshed out much more in Season 2.

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