Hot, Hot, Hot: Nolan Gets A Bisexual Love Triangle On “Revenge”

Pansexual Nolan is getting a “visit from a mystery man” according to Perez Hilton, and he’s going to be played by the very handsome E.J. Bonilla. Word is Bonilla will be the third leg in the Nolan-Padma bisexual love triangle. That might be a first for nighttime TV!

As for Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp), our leading lady might be getting back with still-living flame Daniel Grayson. ABC has released stills  from the new season show the couple canoodling on a dance floor. Is it a flashback or a sign of something to come?

Are you a Revenge fanatic? Do you like how Nolan is portrayed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo: ABC

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