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Hot In Cleveland Didn’t Wait to Make ‘Ryan Seacrest Is a Big Queen’ Joke

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It’s a good thing nearly five million people — TV Land’s best ratings ever — tuned in for Wednesday’s premiere of Hot In Cleveland. Because it was awesome. Which you don’t see very often from ensemble multi-cam sitcoms featuring non-twentysomething women.

Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves star as women who have had everything and, thanks to a crappy plane ride, end up in Cleveland instead of Paris. (Fine, the plot line takes some leeway.) It’s the anti-Sex and the City, and not just because Betty White and her deadpan delivery are attached, but because the three main characters are realizing the constant ladder climbing and LA way of life is actually not terrible rewarding.

And maybe it’s because the thing is executive produced by Sean Hayes, but we didn’t even mind the obvious punchline about Ryan Seacrest being a big girl.

Above, that clip and the final scene of the premiere.