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Hot off search for TV soul mate, Robert Sepúlveda Jr. sets more achievable goal: abs


Who could forget the dramatic conclusion of 2016’s Finding Prince Charming? We certainly can’t.

It’s hard to forget something you never saw.

But apparently it was, like, ‘yuge.

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“I think this story is much bigger than Robert and I,” the show’s winner (winner? is that what we call him?), Leonardo, told Us. “It’s the first time a broad audience can see gay relationships come to life.”

Huh, well that’s certainly one take.

The show’s main squeeze, Robert Sepúlveda Jr., set his sights high in his search for a television soul mate. And all things considered, we wish him well in those pursuits.

Lately, however, his goals are a bit closer to earth, and even closer to his solar plexus.

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In his latest appearance, he offers up his tips to achieve that “Sepúlveda stomach” (TM).

“Well first of all, I eat right. I try to stay away from salt and sugar. But most importantly, it’s really about cardio and working your abs out.”

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